Transitional Bridges Patient Assistance Program

The Patient Assistance Program will reopen when additional funding is available. Please check the program application page for the most up-to-date status. Applications are only accepted online.

Life as we know it can change in an instant. We can go from being in good health to suddenly receiving a life-threatening diagnosis or being involved in a serious auto accident. No one prepares for the unexpected challenges associated with illness or injury, yet our community members face these challenges every day. For many, the impact goes beyond physical and psychological effects, extending into the realm of financial burdens.

Serious illness or injury can prevent us from earning income, reduce or eradicate financial reserves, cause food insecurity, and delay medical care due to costs. The stress and anxiety experienced from medical-related hardships can negatively affect our overall well-being and quality of life.

Our Patient Assistance Program provides financial assistance in small grants to individuals struggling financially because of a serious illness or sudden injury. Grant funding helps to pay for uncovered medical-related expenses and living expenses such as food, rent, mortgage daycare, car payment, car insurance, phone, internet, cable, utilities, heating oil, and transportation. Please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria below before applying.

    • We accept applications online only using a HIPAA-compliant secure application form.
    • Individuals residing in the United States may apply.
    • Individuals must be able to demonstrate financial need to be eligible for assistance.
    • The program offers a one-time grant to assist individuals with unmet financial needs.
    • Grants range from $100 to a maximum $500 based on individual circumstances and as funds permit.
    • Approved funds are paid directly to vendors/billers (EX: Mortgage Lender, Utility Company, etc.)
    • Applicants are notified via email if their application was approved or denied.

Please note that our Patient Assistance Program cannot process requests for emergency assistance. The application review process can take up to four weeks. If your need for essential community services is immediate, contact 2.1.1 in your region. 

The Patient Assistance Program is made possible through philanthropic support and sales from our gift shop.