Partners in the Delivery of Compassionate Care

Transitional Belongings Bags are inspirational by design to help you hand over a patient’s belongings with sensitivity, care, and compassion.

Our Work

Transitional Bridges partners with hospitals and in-patient hospice facilities to implement a compassionate best practice to improve the quality of end-of-life care for family members. We have established a sensitive and dignified approach to replacing plastic belongings bags with Compassion Kits. The kits include custom art-inspired eco-friendly transitional bags to respectfully transfer personal belongings, door hangers to protect family privacy during the final hours of life, a sympathy card with a note of condolence, and a memory garden seed packet. Implementing this approach empowers healthcare providers to support patients and families while maintaining their core duties and provides the family with a better patient experience.

Our Patient Assistance Program helps to alleviate the financial burdens patients with serious illnesses face during challenging times. The program helps to pay for essential needs like food, rent, mortgage, daycare, utilities, medicine, transportation, and other medical-related costs. Reducing financial burdens enables patients to focus on what is most important: their well-being, treatment, and recovery.