Why Partner

At Transitional Bridges we know every hospital strives to provide dignity and respect during end-of-life care. However, each end-of-life care journey is unique, making it challenging for healthcare professionals to support patients and families while maintaining their core duties.

Transitional Bridges Founder has experienced navigating end-of-life and loss from both the perspective of a professional who worked in the healthcare industry and as a daughter. We sought to find answers to this experience and discovered best-in-class programs across the globe that serve as the foundation of our program. At the core of our offering are Compassion Kits. Our Compassion Kits provide a best practice for improving end-of-life care.

Integrating the tools in our kit improves the quality of end-of-life care, enhances the patient experience for family members, provides healthcare professionals with tools to elevate care during the final moments, and offers a compassionate and dignified alternative to plastic belongings bags.

Eco-friendly bags replace single-use plastic bags and decrease plastic waste generated.

How a family member receives the personal effects of a loved one who has passed is memorable. Replacing plastic bags with compassion kits conveys sympathy and respect for the loss and leaves a lasting positive memory of the hospital experience.

Contact us today to learn how your organization can improve end-of-life care and raise the standard in your facilty. Connect with us to schedule a consultation to explore a customized plan for your facility.