A Note From the Founder & President

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The idea to create Transitional Bridges was conceived after my mother passed away in March 2017. After much perseverance, Transitional Bridges came to fruition with help from family and friends during the height of the pandemic.

I have experience navigating end of life and loss from both the perspective of a professional who has worked in the healthcare industry and as a daughter. Transitional Bridges sought to find answers to this experience and discovered best-in-class programs across the globe that serve as the foundation of our program. At the core of our offering are Compassion Kits. Our kits empower healthcare professionals, are eco-friendly, and impact community assistance through the proceeds.

Our Compassion Kits include:
● Custom art-inspired transitional bags to respectfully transfer personal belongings
● Door hangers to protect family privacy during the final hours of life
● A sympathy card with a note of condolence
● Memory Garden Seed packet

Transitional Bridges understands small changes can positively impact the lives of family members during the most pivotal moments.

On behalf of the board, we look forward to partnering with health systems and hospice organizations to better serve the needs of community members in your primary service areas.

Be safe and stay well.

Lorene Morris
Founder and President